Evergrow Nova S2: Explosive Cheato Growth

After over a year of running a fugeless tank.. i finally decided to add one in efforts to raise my PH.  In the past I never bothered adding a fuge as i didnt feel a small one would have enough benefit..however.. That was not taking into account different lighting options.   With a high par output light you can get amazing growth in a smaller area and thus have a more effect fuge!

I present the Evergrow Nova S2..  This light packs 90 Watts of leds into one mean refugium light.  This light has only been on my tank for 7 days and the cheato has tripled in size... Needless to say. I'm impressed.  I previously looked at the Kessil horticulture led.. but at 3x the price of the evergrow its hard to bite.

I haven't done a side by side comparison but I imagine the results of the two would be quite similar.

Now you could light a fuge with the standard $6 curly CFL bulb however the part out put isnt even in the same ball park... I bet it would take at-least a month to get what the evergrow did in a week.

So what did we learn hear? If you plan use a refugium.. Either make it big and cheap out on lights or use the best plant spectrum light you can find to maximum your nutrient export for the available space.



Now i did mention that I embarked on this expirment mainly to raise my PH.   Prior to the fuge my PH would drop to 7.64 in the evening.  After adding the Cheato myPH has only droped down to 7.81 at night.  I suspect PH will keep climbing as the cheato ball grows and consume more CO2.   Ill continue to update this thread over the upcomming weeks with my further findings.


In the meantime sit back and check out the Video overview:




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