ReefDudes EcoTech Marine G5 Mobius Schedule

One of my most common question is what Ecotech Marine schedule and what PAR do i have in my tank.. today we take a look at both! Now when just looking at PAR.. it does not tell the full story.. you also have to consider PAR over duration which gives us DLI (which we will dig into in a future episode)


Click here to Download My schedule

(Right click > Save as,   Use dropbox to sync the file onto your phone)

To import into EcoTech Marines Mobius app i first saved the above file to my DropBox. Then via mobius open the user template from dropbox on your phone and import it. If you click the link and it opens a page with a bunch of code then your browser is trying to open it rather than saving it. RIght click > saves as.. or hold down on your phone for more options and then tell it to save locally. Other locations may work but dropbox worked best for me.





AI Prime HD Settings for the Red Sea Max Nano Reef

After being asked many times I realized it was time to upload my AI Prime HD profile/settings file.   I created a schedule that mimicked my modified version of the Ecotech Radion AB+ schedule that I use on my large shallow reef tank.

 A few quick screenshots to show the basic schedule and settings via the myAI App. The first photo is the overall schedule and the second is the point at which it's at its max intensity


Now I'm sure you want the goods! Well its easy enough to just manually re-create this if you want to be lazy and just import the file.. I'm here for you.  You can download it HERE!  (right click > Save as)



Now that you have this magical file how do you import it?

Well that's the easy part!  head over to  and log in with your AI account.

Click on your Light on the Right under My Devices








Click the little C shaped stick icon    Then click upload and select the file you just downloaded!









And you are done!  Now kick back and enjoy.  If your feeling loving Buy your favorite Reef Dudes a beer and enjoy!



Ricos Nano Challenge 2018

Are you a YouTuber that wants to participate in a fun nano tank challenge?   have fun competing with fellow youtubers and win some awesome prizes!

Link Contest page:

25G or less - Nano class
10G or less - Pico class

Contest starts Jan 1st
Entries closed by Jan 31st.
No separate sumps - all in one tanks are OK
Hang on Filtration is OK (keep system water volume less than 25g)
All corals (SPS) 1" and under
LPS - scollies, brain corals,  ect under 4"
Zoas - fine on 1" disc or under
LPS - single head
You must be subscribed to all of the contest sponsors
There will be two grand prizes, one UK and one North American

– Best Aquascape
– Best overall Growth
– Best Coloration
- Most Creative
- Most inspirational
- People Choice

You Can start live rock now, you just cant add coral until Jan 1st
Run any lights you want and dosing system you wish.

Keeping accountable:
- Post weekly Instagram photos (and updates for any new additions)
- Monthly video update on youtube.

Video Title:  Ricos Nano Challenge 2018
Hashtag on instagram #RicosNanoChallenge2018

** If you would like to enter please comment with a link to your YouTubePage at the bottom of this page **

Enter on ricos video - on comments

Contest Sponsors/Prizes
Ricos ReefTank *US only - 5 Acro Frag Pack
Electric Reef Sandys Reef *US only - $175 Coral Pack
MassAquariums *US Only - Consultation prizes -  Special edition Loaded boxes for 3 people  *US Only - $100
ReefDudes - Something cool... TBD
ReeferGil - $200 for BRS
DC Reefer - Custom Nano championship Belt!
Inappropriate Reefer - Signatur Tshirt
FIshofHex - Neptune Apex
CJsAquarium - BeEazy Mug
TristansReef - 10G and under class - or Live Aquarian Gift card and 2 nano powerheads.
Kreger's Aquariums​ - IceCap 3K
Bubba Shinobi - Hanna Checked of your choice and extra reagent
SabellaFella - Kessil 150w Light
ReefingWithO - Vortech powerhead or Kessil A80
Live2Reef - $200 Giftcard for
BillyPipes -  $200 Giftcard for BRS (for the best/Billy's fav DIY)
FishFrenzy - $100 World wide coral credit + Sinature Tshirt
ChrisFishroom - $50 BRS Gift Card
Murphys Reefing - XR15 with Reeflink
WestCoatReefer - $100 Giftcard for AquaSD
ReefingWithO - MP40 Non wireless
Seneye - Seneye + Fritz products bundle + EZReef Bundle
The Marine Experience *Canada - $150 Livestock Gift Cert (Nano class)
The Marine Experience *Canada - $150 Livestock Gift Cert (Pico class)
LittleOcean - Custom Acrylic Frag Rag (1 US, 1 UK, 1 CA)
AquariumCommunityWorldWide *UK - TBD
AaronsAquarium - *UK  Special Edition MyAquariumBox
Aquarium Cabinet Solution - *UK only winner  -  2' x 2' x 2' Custom Reef tank

Bonus for contestants:
20% off on an RFG nozzle!
First 20 UK entries - Miracle Mud and ATM Colony available from AquariumCabinetSolutions - 15% off your first order over $100

Check out Ricos original Video on the contest!

DC's Official Video!



The Entries (start of the list! Will add more as i find them

American Reefing
DJH Reefer
Jay and Kelsey
Miss Winegal Reefer
Tanner Rusing
Reef Deep

Reef Slang and Acronyms

When Browsing saltwater message boards you will quickly come across a sea of acronyms and likely be lost in what the heck people are talking about!  So to help out new and seasoned reefers alike I have started a list of acronyms!  this page will be ever changing and growing so check back often to learn the latest lingo.

SPS - Small Poly stony coral -hard skeleton with tiny polys
LPS - Large Polyp Stony coral -  Small skeleton with large heads
NPS - Non photosynthetic Coral - Coral that does not use light to grow


SR - Shallow Reef
FOWLR or FWLR - Fish only with live rock

Ecotech Radion Light Schdule

I have been asked time and time again for my light schedule, so today is the day! I am running a modified version of the Ecotech CoralLab AB+ schedule.  The Corallab schedule is tried and true profile that grows coral real well!  My only issue with it was the fact that it was ON. Full then OFF. I shaved an hour or so off Read more

Feeding Moon Jellyfish

Your new Jellyfish is fully cycled and your Jellyfish arrived and are now acclimated to your TANK!!! Your off to a great start! Now to maintain happy healthy jellyfish you will want to ensure you are feeding them nutritious food. There is a number of commercial jellyfish powder foods however i strongly recommend hatching fresh baby brine shrimp as its a very nutritious food source. Live baby brine shrimp will stay suspended in the water column rather than instantly sinking to the bottom which ensure they jellyfish are able to catch them!

I installed a little valve on the back on my air pumps line to allow me to easily cut flow when feeding. this simple step prevents any food from getting sucked into the filtration area and fowling the water.

These few little tips can help ensure your jellyfish live a long happy life!

The awesome Brine Shrimp Hatchery dish is made by a company called Hobby.

If you would like to support the channel check out our amazon affiliates to some brine shrimp food!
Instant Baby Brine:
Brine Shrimp Eggs:

AskReefDudes: Do you need GFO with an Algae Turf Scrubber

Algae Turf Scrubbers (ATS) are becoming all the rage lately and are a highly efficient way to export nutrients from your system.  For their size, they can export a considerable amount of nutrients and are great for a small space.

But do you still need to use Granular Ferric Oxide (GFO) with an ATS? Well, it depends.. they are both exporting phosphates and could potentially compete against each other. If your running an ATS iI would avoid using GFO unless your algae turf scrubber can't keep up with your phosphate export requirements.  The simple fix is to just put less food into the tank but if your fish need some fattening up then it may be worth either getting a bigger ATS or supplementing with a small amount of GFO (careful not to use too much!)

The advantage of an ATS over GFO is that its a chemical free export method that can also remove nitrate and harbor pods whereas GFO is targeted at Phosphate only.. That and there is no media to buy and replace.

The advantage using  GFO over ATS is GFO is highly efficient at removing phosphates with a small reactor. You have to be careful not to run too much gfo as it could strip your tank too clean and harm your corals.

AskReefDudes: How often to Clean your Skimmer Cup

Roy writes in and asks "Some protein skimmer manufacturers say clean the collection cup weekly, and some say every 2 to 3 months. what are your thoughts on this."

I personally clean mine weekly as letting too much gunk build up on the neck can decrease performance. You could get away with a longer gap in maintenance if you use a neck cleaner to help keep things clean.

As for the cup it self, most cups have a port and hose on the bottom so you could let it drain into a storage container if you planned on being out of town or away from the tank for an extended period of time.  if you go down this route i would also recommend looking into a neck cleaner.

A neck cleaner will likely be a future DIY project for me..however, for now.. a simple rinse in the sink does wonders.

So how often do you guys clean your skimmer?




JellyFish Art Tank Setup and cycling - JellyFish Ep1

A Desktop Jellyfish tanks provide a beautiful environment in any room. Jellyfish can be very easy to keep providing you give them the proper environment. This is the first video in a series of keeping Jellyfish.  As some of you are aware I recently hit 1K subscribers on YouTube(YAY!) and am giving away a JellyFish Art nano tank as a way to say thank you. This series is going to be a bit of a how-to guide explaining how I set up and take care of my jellyfish. If you guys have any questions let me know in the comments below!

The first step is to fill your tank with pre-mixed saltwater at a salinity of 1.020-1.024 and start cycling your tank.
To start the cycle you want to introduce a nitrifying bacteria to the tank such as JellyCycle, Dr. Tims one and only or biospira. If you enjoy the channel and want to help support it please buy your supplies through the amazon affiliate links below.

Tools used or suggested in this video:

Dr Tims one and only:

Do you want to Win a JellyFish Tank?!

The ReefDudes YouTube channel has hit 1k subscribers!!!!  To celebrate I wanted to thank everyone who has supported me by giving away a JellyFish Art Nano tank!  The contest is open to anyone in the US or Canada!  Check out the video below and read the youtube video description for complete contest details!

Good luck to all who enter