After having both my blue jaw trigger fish and blue line damsel jump multiple times I figured it was time to but a top back on my tank… But there was one problem.. My previous top drove me nuts.. the clear mesh reflected the light back up and made the top distracting and bright; Lucky i found the perfect material!

Parts List
Clear or black mesh (black preferred!)
Window screen rails
Corners (ideally inset ones)
Glue (optional)
Center brace (if required for longer tanks)

Start by measuring the inside dimensions of your tank and cut the window screen rails appropriately (remember to subtract the ends from your side rails!  You can cut the aluminum rails with a hack saw or a miter saw.. be sure to test fit the screen before gluing the corners.    *its not required to blue them as the screen will keep it tight.. however i found that gluing them helped keep everything square as you stretch/install the mesh.


Now most screen rails are either white or brown so you may want to give it a coat of paint before installing the mesh. For painting I recommend Krylon fusion paint as it works with both metal and plastics.  Be sure to let it dry for 24hours before installing the mesh.

Stretch your mesh over top of your frame and start inserting the spline.  As you insert the spline keep pulling the mesh to keep it taught and prevent any sags.  Start in one corner and work your way around the entire top until your mesh is tightly stretched over the frame.  You may need to remove the original corner and re-tighten to take up any slack.