Your new Jellyfish is fully cycled and your Jellyfish arrived and are now acclimated to your TANK!!! Your off to a great start! Now to maintain happy healthy jellyfish you will want to ensure you are feeding them nutritious food. There is a number of commercial jellyfish powder foods however i strongly recommend hatching fresh baby brine shrimp as its a very nutritious food source. Live baby brine shrimp will stay suspended in the water column rather than instantly sinking to the bottom which ensure they jellyfish are able to catch them!

I installed a little valve on the back on my air pumps line to allow me to easily cut flow when feeding. this simple step prevents any food from getting sucked into the filtration area and fowling the water.

These few little tips can help ensure your jellyfish live a long happy life!

The awesome Brine Shrimp Hatchery dish is made by a company called Hobby.

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