One of my most common question is what Ecotech Marine schedule and what PAR do i have in my tank.. today we take a look at both! Now when just looking at PAR.. it does not tell the full story.. you also have to consider PAR over duration which gives us DLI (which we will dig into in a future episode)


Click here to Download My schedule

(Right click > Save as,   Use dropbox to sync the file onto your phone)

To import into EcoTech Marines Mobius app i first saved the above file to my DropBox. Then via mobius open the user template from dropbox on your phone and import it. If you click the link and it opens a page with a bunch of code then your browser is trying to open it rather than saving it. RIght click > saves as.. or hold down on your phone for more options and then tell it to save locally. Other locations may work but dropbox worked best for me.