After being asked many times I realized it was time to upload my AI Prime HD profile/settings file.   I created a schedule that mimicked my modified version of the Ecotech Radion AB+ schedule that I use on my large shallow reef tank.

 A few quick screenshots to show the basic schedule and settings via the myAI App. The first photo is the overall schedule and the second is the point at which it’s at its max intensity


Now I’m sure you want the goods! Well its easy enough to just manually re-create this if you want to be lazy and just import the file.. I’m here for you.  You can download it HERE!  (right click > Save as)



Now that you have this magical file how do you import it?

Well that’s the easy part!  head over to  and log in with your AI account.

Click on your Light on the Right under My Devices








Click the little C shaped stick icon    Then click upload and select the file you just downloaded!









And you are done!  Now kick back and enjoy.  If your feeling loving Buy your favorite Reef Dudes a beer and enjoy!