Are you a YouTuber that wants to participate in a fun nano tank challenge?   have fun competing with fellow youtubers and win some awesome prizes!

Link Contest page:

25G or less – Nano class
10G or less – Pico class

Contest starts Jan 1st
Entries closed by Jan 31st.
No separate sumps – all in one tanks are OK
Hang on Filtration is OK (keep system water volume less than 25g)
All corals (SPS) 1″ and under
LPS – scollies, brain corals,  ect under 4″
Zoas – fine on 1″ disc or under
LPS – single head
You must be subscribed to all of the contest sponsors
There will be two grand prizes, one UK and one North American

– Best Aquascape
– Best overall Growth
– Best Coloration
– Most Creative
– Most inspirational
– People Choice

You Can start live rock now, you just cant add coral until Jan 1st
Run any lights you want and dosing system you wish.

Keeping accountable:
– Post weekly Instagram photos (and updates for any new additions)
– Monthly video update on youtube.

Video Title:  Ricos Nano Challenge 2018
Hashtag on instagram #RicosNanoChallenge2018

** If you would like to enter please comment with a link to your YouTubePage at the bottom of this page **

Enter on ricos video – on comments

Contest Sponsors/Prizes
Ricos ReefTank *US only – 5 Acro Frag Pack
Electric Reef Sandys Reef *US only – $175 Coral Pack
MassAquariums *US Only – Consultation prizes –  Special edition Loaded boxes for 3 people  *US Only – $100
ReefDudes – Something cool… TBD
ReeferGil – $200 for BRS
DC Reefer – Custom Nano championship Belt!
Inappropriate Reefer – Signatur Tshirt
FIshofHex – Neptune Apex
CJsAquarium – BeEazy Mug
TristansReef – 10G and under class – or Live Aquarian Gift card and 2 nano powerheads.
Kreger’s Aquariums​ – IceCap 3K
Bubba Shinobi – Hanna Checked of your choice and extra reagent
SabellaFella – Kessil 150w Light
ReefingWithO – Vortech powerhead or Kessil A80
Live2Reef – $200 Giftcard for
BillyPipes –  $200 Giftcard for BRS (for the best/Billy’s fav DIY)
FishFrenzy – $100 World wide coral credit + Sinature Tshirt
ChrisFishroom – $50 BRS Gift Card
Murphys Reefing – XR15 with Reeflink
WestCoatReefer – $100 Giftcard for AquaSD
ReefingWithO – MP40 Non wireless
Seneye – Seneye + Fritz products bundle + EZReef Bundle
The Marine Experience *Canada – $150 Livestock Gift Cert (Nano class)
The Marine Experience *Canada – $150 Livestock Gift Cert (Pico class)
LittleOcean – Custom Acrylic Frag Rag (1 US, 1 UK, 1 CA)
AquariumCommunityWorldWide *UK – TBD
AaronsAquarium – *UK  Special Edition MyAquariumBox
Aquarium Cabinet Solution – *UK only winner  –  2′ x 2′ x 2′ Custom Reef tank

Bonus for contestants:
20% off on an RFG nozzle!
First 20 UK entries – Miracle Mud and ATM Colony available from AquariumCabinetSolutions – 15% off your first order over $100

Check out Ricos original Video on the contest!

DC’s Official Video!




The Entries (start of the list! Will add more as i find them

American Reefing
DJH Reefer
Jay and Kelsey
Miss Winegal Reefer
Tanner Rusing
Reef Deep