An aquarium is a living piece of art and should be keep aesthetically pleasing inside and out. Nothing runs that beauty and sleek lines like a huge chunk of equipment hanging off the side of the tank… I was going out of town and didn’t want to constantly hook up and disconnect my reefs auto feeding system.. so i found a way to hide it!

Hiding the AFS was not an easy task.. it took many iterations.  Initially I tried using a two little fishes feeding ring followed by a funnel, then later an water injected funnel and finally ended up landing on a more elegant solution using a power head.

The Auto feeder drops food into the sump chamber above the return pump intake, a number off the pellets initially get sucked into the pump and spit out into the tank. the bits that don’t get sucked in to the pump circulate the chamber thanks to the flow of the power-head.  Keeping the pellets suspended helps ensure the pump is able to suck up every last pellet.